A COVID-19 Essential Business Update

The world is moving very quickly during this time of crisis. We have heard from many of you and understand that you are dealing with a lot of challenging issues and they are only accelerating. State and local governments are issuing “shelter in place” orders for non-essential businesses. In times like this, you need certainty. You need someone or something you can count on.

You can count on MC Group | ICON. We are here for you and we’ve got you covered!

Due to the increasing number of essential business orders, we obtained a legal opinion on March 20, 2020. Our operations qualify as an essential business due to our support of essential businesses, which means we are exempt from shut down orders. Our employees can travel to your job sites without violating any orders. Our manufacturing plants in Illinois, South Carolina and Virginia can operate and produce for you thanks to the amount of work we do for industries such as health care facilities, pharmacies, banks, convenience stores, gas stations, food and grocery stores and more.

However, this is bigger than business. This is about us working together to keep our nation safe and able to provide essential resources to its citizens. We at MC Group | ICON have a social responsibility to keep you up and running while also keeping the safety of you, your customers, and our own staff in mind.

Here are some examples of why you can count on us to deliver.

  • We have modified our business to ensure continuity. Many of our employees now have the flexibility to work from home and are doing so thanks to the support of our in-house IT department and technology. They are safe, ready to answer your calls and reply to your emails.
  • We have a distributed manufacturing network that spans the country, including plants of our own, that give us the needed flexibility to stay up and running to meet your needs.
  • We have our own field techs and W2 superintendents plus over 2,300 trusted field partners nationwide who are ready to serve you in a moment’s notice.
  • Our supply chain has redundancy built into it and we have verified stock levels to meet your needs over the coming months.
  • We have vast experience working under pressure and during crisis situations for our customers and the communities they serve. For example, we are a trusted service partner during hurricanes and other disaster recovery efforts. We can do this too.

We are here for you when you need us, all you have to do is ask. We are ready to serve.


Tim Eippert